Shoplifter Uses Old Receipt and Walmart Bag for Fake Refund, Police Say

A 37-year-old Elk City woman was arrested for petit larceny after police say she created a clever rouse with an old receipt and Walmart bag in an attempt to trick the store into giving her a receipt.

At approximately 5:01 pm on May 3, Elk City Police were called to Walmart for a reported shoplifter.

The officer was treated at the scene by a member of Walmart’s loss prevention department. 

Inside the employee’s office, the officer found Jessica Leigh Musgrave sitting on a bench. The employee alleged that Musgrave had been observed making a false return.

The employee said that Musgrave had placed several store items from the shelves into a Walmart bag that she had brought in herself. 

Musgrave then reportedly took the the Walmart bag of items to the customer service desk.

There, Musgrave presented the items from the bag and a Walmart receipt dated March 12, 2019.

Musgrave successfully made the “return” and received cash totaling $42.70.

As Musgrave was learning the store, the loss prevention officer and the support manager stopped Musgrave in a general merchandise vestibule. 

The employee claimed that Musgrave admitted to making the fraudulent return. 

The officer was provided with a statement, a copy of the return receipt, photo of the items, dvd footage from the security cameras, a copy of the original receipt and a copy of the trespass notification Walmart had issued to Musgrave.

Musgrave was transported to the Elk City Jail without further incident.

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