Savage sentenced to prison for Soliciting Minor for Obscene Material

A 76-year-old former Elk City teacher began his sentence with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections after pleading guilty on January 30 to possession of obscene material and soliciting a minor for obscene material.

Oscar Ron Savage, Jr., was sentenced to serve 10 years in the DOC with six suspended on the first count and 20 years with sixteen years suspended on the second count.

After he admitted his guilt in the Beckham County Court, he was taken into custody to begin serving four years in prison.

In exchange for the admitting his guilt in a plea agreement, Savage was able to avoid a conviction for lewd acts to a child.

Charges were initially filed against Savage in Beckham County Court on November 7, 2017, following a two year investigation by an Elk City detective after an underage victim’s parents contacted Elk City Police Department. Investigators eventually unearthed multiple relationships Savage carried on with young men, two of whom were underage when the molestation began, as well as troves of child pornography and allegations of prostitution. 

The victim had been hired by Savage to do yard and house work, however, Savage used the situation to lure the young victim into his home, photograph the child nude and molest him. Savage offered the child “hush money” in return for his silence and also promised to split profits after Savage sold his photograph to other pedophiles. The Elk City detective and the OSBI crime lab were able to locate photos of the child on Savage’s computer. 

The victim was hired by Savage at the first of June, 2015, and worked in home until the victim’s parents contacted police on July 11, 2015.

Police arrived at the Savage residence on the 900 block of North Peace Avenue in Elk City with a search warrant at 6 am. After knocking on the door three times and announcing their search warrant, police entered. Savage was in the bathroom with a phone in his hand. Savage had called 911, which recorded both Savage’s conversation and the police announcing themselves in the background.

Savage refused to give officers the key to the outside office building. According the multiple victims, Sav...

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