British couple extends their stay to tour the Farm and Ranch Museum

Traveling by a rented Harley Davidson motorcycle, Roger and Barbara Warwick came from Phoenix to Elk City by way of Route 66. The couple from the southern coast of England, Ringwood Hampshire, has been returning to the US since their wedding in 2013. Although they missed two years, they pick a town and area to see each three-week “holiday.” 

“Roger traveled the entire Route 66 with a friend years ago and now we come over to see the sights. We have been to Denver and went to Yellowstone. We like the mountains because it is cooler, but this time we took the old route to see the countryside,” Barbara, a retired teacher explained.

As the continued to talk about their travels and interests, Roger confessed that he was a mechanic and has special interest in old farm machinery. He also noted that he distills cider and enters a contest each year.

“I have a a collection of old machinery back home. I saw the machines here and we decided to spend two more nights here. There is a club of agriculture machinery, the Agriculture Preservation Society. I especially like the hand machines. I like the blacksmith shop too,” Roger said.

He described the tools and told about the apple cider that he makes. He mills the apples and presses them himself. He has won awards for his craftsmanship as well as nabbing the Best in Show award. 

“We used to plan our trips a year in advance, but because of Roger’s special interests we just pick a place and get our plane tickets. I have found the countryside to be greener than I thought it would be,” Barbara reported.

They both told of how what they liked about Oklahoma and especially the Elk City area. The couple spent hours looking around the museum, pulling out to find a place to eat around 4 p.m. 

“The strangest thing is that we don’t see many people out walking. When we pull into a place there are a lot of cars, but not that many people inside a grocery store or restaurant. That has been unusual. On the way over, we stopped and asked about a place to eat and they told us it was just down the road. We walked and walked, never found it, but found a grocery store. We had to get something to take back to the hotel. People must not walk much,” she laughed.

The experience of distance and the difference between walking and driving was a learning experience for the Warwick’s. They were amazed at how big everything is in the state, pointing out that th...

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Pictured: British visitors, Barbara and Roger Warwick mount their Harley Davidson after touring the Route 66 museum, especially the Farm and Ranch building. Staff photo by Sheryl Ponce. 

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