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    Brad and Dayva Spitzer's roots in the publishing industry began many years ago first with the valuable experience Dayva earned working for Sayre's original newspaper The Sayre Journal.  Dayva's career began with a paper route as a child and continued to blossom until being named the editor and general manager of The Sayre Journal in the mid 1980s.  

    The couple also opened a commercial printing plant in Sayre in 1982 which was operated and managed by Brad catering to the printing needs of the area. Spitzer Printing provided retail and wholesale small sheet fed press work and finishing. 

     In 1987, the Spitzers chartered their own weekly newspaper "The Sayre Record" to establish a locally owned hometown media for their community and county.  Local readers and advertisers embraced the Spitzers' approach to community news and the paper continued to grow.  

    In 1997 the Spitzers purchased The Erick Beckham County Democrat weekly newspaper in the sister city of Erick just to the West of Sayre.  The two newspapers became a single publication as one of Oklahoma's youngest newspapers merged with one of Oklahoma's oldest newspapers creating "The Sayre Record and Beckham County Democrat" which provided a much larger reader base and trade area for advertisers.  The marriage of the two papers was a good one.  

    The newspaper caters to the Sayre, Erick, and Sweetwater communities as well as county-wide news, offering a wide variety of community, school, and agriculture news for their area.  

     Spitzer Publishing is now well established in Western Oklahoma,  providing subscribers who live all over the country, quality news coverage and advertising as well continuing to provide quality commerical printing of all kinds for the area.

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